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Tuition F.A.Q’s

How much are lessons?

Lessons are £25 per half hour or discounted to £35 for the full hour.

How do I pay for lessons?
We ask that all lessons are paid for 1 in advance. If its your first time to us then you can pay online via our website or you can call up and pay by card (there is a small 2% card admin charge). Thereafter, you can bring cash to the lessons if it's easier for you.

Is the consultation free?
yes absolutely – It is an opportunity to come in for a coffee and allows you to become familiar with your surroundings before your first lesson. It also gives you chance to find us cause. We also run a few assessments so we know how to run your first lesson.

How far in advance do I need to book?
Of course, the earlier, the better to ensure booking. However, even if you would like a lesson the next day, you are welcome to ask. We can cater for most bookings right up to the last moment!

Can I take exams?
Yes – we can enter you into exams with all the exam boards and train you to the standard needed. We are also an official exam center for most of the exam boards.

How soon will I start to see results?
Of course everyone works at different speeds, and has lessons at different frequencies however, we always like to say within 3 months you will start to pick things up and notice an improvement with a further 6 to 9 months being able to perform live.

Does AT Music teach all styles including classical?
We can cater for all music interests. All our teachers are all trained to the highest standards and a specialist teacher will be assigned to you depending on your interest.

Are you staff DBS (formally CRB )checked?
Yes we are and have certificates to prove this upon request.

Are the lessons 1 to 1 or can I have a friend take lessons with me?
We specialise in one-to-one lessons however for an extra fee of £15 we can take up to 3 students in the same lesson. Group lessons of more than 3 are priced depending on each circumstance.

What do I do if I have a complaint?
If anything should arise that you are not happy with please email and arrange a meeting to discuss everything!

What do I do if I want to leave?
If you feel that you have taken all that you need from your AT Music education and experience then we just ask for a 2 week notice so we can allocate your slot to an alternate student.

What facilities do you have there whilst somebody is waiting?
There is a kitchen with hot and cold drinks for sale, as well as some light snacks. There is a toilet and a waiting room with SKY TV and a playstation and plenty of newspapers and magazines. There is ample parking at the front of the business complex.

Am I able to have lessons with other teachers outside of A.T Music?
Of course, the only thing we ask is that you let us know and show us what you are doing so we are not treading on any toes during your time with us.

Can I have a lesson in another instrument at A.T Music whilst I’m having other lessons?
Yep – If for example you are having lessons on guitar and would like to try your hand at piano then we can arrange for you to have more than one instrument lesson.

What’s your cancellation policy?
We operate a fairly strict 48 hour cancellation policy, and if notice is given outside of this time frame we do have to charge. If however, we can re-arrange a lesson in the same week you was due one, then you wont incur a charge.
Anything serious (god forbid) that may arise, you wont be charged. If there weather is bad however, and you can prove that you cant get in the you also wont be charged. Normally if the teachers have made it to work then you will be able to make it to a lesson.

Can I have extra lessons during school holidays for example?
You sure can – loads of students make the most of the time off in the school holidays and book extra lessons in.

How can I make sure I get the photo/video product that I want?
We are committed to respecting your event and the reasons behind it. We will have a chat before it begins to make sure that the photographs or video taken will reflect this.

Do you have provisions for disabled people?
We do indeed. There is a disabled toilet, there are wheel chair access and we are also trained to work with the less able-bodied candidates. We also insist that if you have any medical conditions passed or present that you must tell us. This is to ensure your safety should anything happen whilst you are with us and so we know what to inform the paramedics on arrival.

Do you have free wifi?
Yep – Log in but please don’t upload or download big files and emails whilst here as it slows down the staffs use of the net when they are using it to to teach.

Can I do work experience with A.T Music?
As you can imagine we get inundated with requests to do work experience, so places are very limited. We do enjoy showing people the ropes but we do have a business to run so can’t do it too often. There are positions in The Agency, Studios and photography

If I want to book a gig at one of A.T’s events what do I Do?
Go to out contacts page and send us information about your act and somebody will get back to you. We book shows for, festivals, weddings, pubs etc etc.

If there’s an item not in your shop that I need, can you get it?
We can in most cases. Contact us with your requests and we can send you a price.

Recording F.A.Q’s

How far in advance do I need to book?

Of course, the earlier, the better to ensure booking. However, even if your booking is the next day, you are welcome to ask. We do normally require about 1 months notice.

How much are the recording rates?
The studio can be booked around the clock, 24 hours a day, depending on what your availability is like.
All prices include 2 free mixes.

  • Hourly charges are £35 per hour
  • 4 hour booking £130
  • Weekday day rates are £200 per day (7 hours)
  • Weekend day rates are £250 per day or £450 if you book the whole weekend.

Recording studio vouchers are available for purchase – Please contact us for details.
Recommend a friend to record at the studio and you will receive 10% off your next booking, and a free mastering session on one track.

What about mastering?
We have a fully functioning mastering suite. If you are interested in giving us mixes from other studios to master, or if you would like us to master your recording session just let us know. Especially if you are recording with us, if we know you wish to master with us, we can keep an eye on the frequencies as we go and run it through some basic mastering parameters to ensure we are getting near the sound we want.
Mastering is £35 per hour, or you can incorporate it into your recording booking as a package for an extra £35 per track as a one off fee. This includes set up and as many runs as it takes to get it right. And if you remix after your 2 free sessions, it wont cost you anymore to master.

How can I make sure I get the product that I want?
We invite you in for a free consultation to listen to the projects we have recorded before. It is then for you to decide if this is the right studio for you. We’re pleased to say, 99% of the cases, we are.

How soon after the recording dates do I get a copy of the mixes?
Once we are all happy with the parts recorded, it usually takes about 2 weeks to produce the first set of mixes.

What if I’m not happy with the mixes?
We offer a chance to remix for free, and that usually sorts any issues. After that a rate can be agreed depending on the amount of work involved.

What do I need to bring?
We have most equipment already at the studio and all to a very high spec i.e. Drums, Guitar amps, pianos etc etc. However, if you feel more confident on your own equipment, that is absolutely fine.

What is pre-production?
This is where we invite you to book a rehearsal studio here at A.T Music Group so we can sit in and watch you play. Any issues that may prohibit the recording from being productive will soon become apparent. We usually require to rehearsal sessions for pre-production before we record you. Then we know the sounds, the timings the issues have all been addressed.

What if I don’t play an instrument, but want to record a band sound?
We have producers and engineers that are all mutli-talented musicians and can play most instruments. So without the cost of session musicians we can cover it for you. We also have access to a large source of session singers and musicians so if you do require a session player, then just let us know.

How do I go about creating the mix references?
You just need to bring a track of the sort of sound you are after, and we will do our best to make sure we can get as close to the sound as possible.

How long does a typical recording session take?
Each project is different and depending on requirements depends on how long. It has been known to record 8 songs as a live demo in a day, and other instances has taken 1 week.
The best bet is to contact us with your requirements and budget and we can put a plan together for you.
For corporate clients, we can put package deals together so please contact us.

Can you create a backing track for me?
We have access to most backing tracks recorded as we work for Ameritz & SBI. However if we can’t locate a backing track for you we can create one for you. Please contact us for prices as again, this is totally dependent on what you need us to do.

Do you have any coaches that can help get the best out of my singing / playing?
We run a tuition center here also, so we can use our teachers to come in on your session to offer advice.

Is there a games room, waiting area and WiFi?
We have a luxurious waiting room at the studio with full SKY TV and a playstation. There is also free Wifi and a fully functional kitchen offering food and hot and cold drinks

What if the session runs over?
We don’t mind running a little over, alternatively if we are running over by hours then the hourly rate is chargeable, and anything more that may be required we’d probably request that you book in another studio session.

What payment methods to you have?
You can pay by cheque, online transfer, by card or on our website both which have a small 2% administration charge, or by good old fashioned cash

Can we come and view the studios?
Yes even if we don’t want to book a consultation, just contact us before hand and we’ll make sure someone is around.

Can I Hire equipment to use?
We have everything from guitars to drums, amps and mics so anything that doesn’t come with your session you are able to hire at £10 per item.

What cancellation policy to you offer?
We ask for 48 hours notice before you cancel. We’d rather you just call up within the required notice and pencil in an another day instead of incurring a cancellation charge.

What’s the difference between a demo and a broadcast quality recording?
A demo is a simplified version of the song. Either a live recording or a basic multi-tracked recording with minimal overdubs or editing. Demos are often used to help with pre-production so might not be the final version of the song arrangement.

A broadcast quality recording takes longer than a demo because you will need to make sure every element of the recording is working together to make the song sound great. This can involve overdubbing every instrument separately, editing and tuning instruments and vocals, playing certain parts of the song over and over until they are perfect, adding effects, and spending more time getting the mix just right. Broadcast quality recordings should also be mastered.

What is mixing?
Mixing is the process of refining all the individual elements of the recording and balancing the levels of each instrument to create the final mix. During mixing we often use EQ, compression, reverb, delay and other effects to help instruments fit well together and sound as good and interesting as possible.

Can we dry high the studio and use our own engineers.?
Yes you can however, we do charge a little extra to have a junior producer on hand at the studio should you run into any problems, and for us to lock up etc.

How should my files be supplied to get the best quality mix?
The best option is to consolidate and export all your tracks as .wav files. You should export the .wav files at the same sample rate and bit depth as the recording.

I want to write a song but only have a melody?
We are signed song writers so we are able to create the perfect instrumental for you song.

Once I’ve recorded what do I do about getting CDs duplicated?
We can duplicate the CDs for you. The minimum run is 50 and prices change yearly, so please contact a member of staff for a quote.

Rehearsal studio FAQ’s

How does the regular session system work?

Bands that take a regular session usually pay a fee for the next booking in advance. Essentially always having once session on account. This gives them exclusive access to their room every week for their time slot.

Can I just book a one-off session?
Yes. Although most of our bands use regular slots we also take bookings for one-off sessions when we have rooms available. See our rehearsal page for prices.

What if I have a regular weekly slot but need an extra session every so often?
Regular bands are able to book extra sessions at a discounted rate, subject to availability.

Am I tied into a long term contract if I take a weekly session?
No, you are not tied into anything for any set length of time. We ask for 2 weeks notice if you’re going to stop rehearsing with us, so we have time to let other bands know that a session is available, but you’re absolutely not tied into a long-term contract.

Can we store our equipment at the studios?
Yes, we give offer storage at £5 per week per band

Q. Do you have cabs and drums that in the rooms that can hired?
Yes. Although many bands take advantage of the fact that they can conveniently store their own equipment in the room for easy access when rehearsing, we also have communal cabs and drum kits which are always available at a flat rate of £5 per session, per item.

Do you have a decent PA and mics etc?
Yes. Each room has a powerful PA with plenty of channels. We use a mix of Shure SM58 and PG58 mics – all professional standard.

What are your opening times?
Normal rehearsal slots run from 9am – midnight, but we are essentially open 24/7, and our regular bands can access their room whenever they need.

Can we park at the studio?
Yes, there is plenty of parking.

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