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Learning the bass

Playing the bass guitar with a high degree of proficiency requires significant physical and mental skill. If you are serious about mastering the instrument it is essential that you place yourself under the guidance of an experienced and skilled teacher. Even if your goals are more modest, you will reach them sooner and save yourself a great deal of unnecessary frustration in the process by studying with a good teacher.

Our teachers will present you with new concepts in a structured and logical manner. They will explain the importance of each new concept and show its relevance to your musical goals. We will ensure that you fully understand what you are learning and show you how to apply it in your playing through detailed explanations and demonstrations.

The value of our teachers ultimately lies in the knowledge and experience they have accrued in travelling the very road upon which you are setting out on, and in helping countless others to make that same journey.

We make sure our students always have a project to work towards and experience performing live as much as possible. We put on a large music concert every year for all students to perform with a live band, so this is a great project to set your sights on and use as a goal, as well as recording your songs in our studio. We also run an open mic night once a month, so there are always opportunities to perform.

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Tuition techniques

  • Understanding the notes on the neck from day one
  • Finger playing and plectrum playing and the difference between them
  • Posture
  • Scales and modes
  • Improvisation
  • Various techniques including slap and pip notes
  • Rhythms and music theory
  • Dynamics and how to avoid just playing root notes in a band
  • Different music genres that are bass friendly
  • Bass chords
  • Hammer ons and pull offs
  • Finger tapping
  • Playing by ear
  • Learning songs of your choice
  • The right guitar for you
  • Effect units and how they work
  • Amps and the right one for you
  • Playing along to backing tracks
  • Playing with a drummer and the relationship between the two instruments
  • Playing in a band and joining the in-house students band
  • Stage craft
  • Recording a track in the recording studio and click track work…etc
  • Sight-reading
  • A look into other bass players i.e. Mark King, Jacko Pastorius, Flee, Stuart Zender

pricing made easy

All Lessons include a free consultation and assessment before your first lesson.

Each music lesson is tracked on-line by your teacher to provide you with feedback to help you reach your musical goals.

Time Price
Half Hour £20 - £25
Hour £30 - £35

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Lessons at home

AT Music Group not only offer bass guitar lessons from our professional studios, but we can also come to you. Our qualified teachers can visit you in the comfort of your own home and quickly get to advancing your abilities.

Want to complete your exams also? No problem!
Simply have your lessons at home and visit our studios when you’re ready to take your exam. Home bass guitar lessons are available in Romford, Southend, Maldon, Basildon, Braintree, Witham, Wickford, Rayleigh, Brentwood, Kelvedon, Hockley, Stanford-le-hope and surrounding areas.

exam centre

We are the main Chelmsford exam centre for Trinity Music and Rockschool, with more exam boards joining us next year. We have a comfortable environment with top of the range equipment for you to take your grades on. We have SKY TV and a games console in our cosey waiting room and a kitchen serving food and drinks. All you could need to feel right at home and forget about those nerves for a while.

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Exam Centre

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