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Learn the drums

Being a drummer is probably one of the most important jobs in a band. Without the timing control and the control over dynamics there is no band, it is your job to pull it all together and have everyone play together in time. If you fall they all fall.

Our Drum teachers are all CRB checked.

Drum Exams are available through The Royal Academy of Music and Rock School Sponsored by “Evans” and “Sabian”.

Techniques covered

  • Kit set up
  • Different drumsticks
  • How to hold sticks correctly
  • Ghost notes
  • Accents
  • French, matched and traditional grip
  • Finger control and doubles
  • Paradiddles and their use
  • Drum terminology and theory
  • Muscles needed and posture
  • Improvisation
  • The right drum kit for you
  • Kit tuning
  • Various styles – Rock, Jazz and Latin, to Fusion and Metal
  • Triplets
  • Precision singles
  • Leading hand
  • Sticking rule
  • Hand to hand
  • Learning songs of your choice
  • Feeling the Groove
  • Heel-and-Toe method for better time control
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to build on a groove from a simple structure
  • Feathering the bass drum
  • Drum dynamics
  • Sight Reading
  • All limbs playing different patterns simultaneously
  • Double bass drum
  • Drum fills and their motions
  • A look into other drummers i.e. Dennis Chambers, John Bonham, Billy Ward, Charlie Watts etc
  • exam centre

    We are the main Chelmsford exam centre for Trinity Music and Rockschool, with more exam boards joining us next year. We have a comfortable environment with top of the range equipment for you to take your grades on. We have SKY TV and a games console in our cosey waiting room and a kitchen serving food and drinks. All you could need to feel right at home and forget about those nerves for a while.

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