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Learn the piano

The Piano and Keyboard are great instruments to play either for personal enjoyment or as the missing link in most bands. The great thing about playing these is that you don’t need a band to sound good, giving you the best of both worlds. Most Keyboards come with a backing, which on good Keyboards you’d be hard pushed to tell that its not a real band playing with you. It’s a great training method to get you ready for joining a real band. Most electric Piano’s are so good these days you don’t have to worry about wheeling a Grand Piano around with you. We use both types at our studio.

Piano is a different instrument to the Keyboard and has more of a classical approach to the lessons, but we also like to incorporate some Blues & Jazz for improvisation purposes. We teach sight reading initially then move on to more ear training and harmony work, so you don’t always have your head stuck in a book.

You will also get to experience what its like taking the role as a Pianist/Keyboardist in our student bands, and how you have to adapt your playing to fit into a group.

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Techniques covered

  • Chords and how they work
  • All scales and modes
  • Sight Reading
  • The Theory of Music
  • Training the ear for perfect pitch
  • Posture
  • Most musical styles – Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical, Funk etc
  • Effects and how to use them
  • Playing by ear
  • Playing along to backing tracks
  • Learning songs of your choice
  • Improvisation
  • Playing in a band and joining the in-house students band
  • Stage craft
  • Recording a track in the recording studio and click track work…etc…etc…etc
  • Grades with any of the top 3 exam boards depending on your level

Pricing made easy

All Lessons include a free consultation and assessment before your first lesson.

Time Price
Half Hour £25
Hour £35

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exam centre

We are the main Chelmsford exam centre for Trinity Music and Rockschool, with more exam boards joining us next year. We have a comfortable environment with top of the range equipment for you to take your grades on. We have SKY TV and a games console in our cosey waiting room and a kitchen serving food and drinks. All you could need to feel right at home and forget about those nerves for a while.

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Exam Centre

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