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Photography in essex

Our Photographers are all qualified and extremely talented in their art and produce some amazing products!.

Already working at the top end of their careers for the top magazines etc. you will be hard pushed to find anyone with an eye as good as our guys. So if you’re looking for a band photographer, a model photo shoot or even a wedding photographer you will find the highest quality with A.T. Music Group.

With a comprehensive range of style, sizes, finishes and packages to suit all, they take stylish, relaxed and modern images.

Our Photographers will take as many photographs as required so you can choose from a wide range of poses and styles. We have a studio you can come to or we can go mobile and come out to you. Although our photographers are all based in and around Essex, our main studios are in Chelmsford. However, we can venture out to any destination.

Your pictures will include the use of different backgrounds, as many clothing changes as you want, and an unlimited number of photos shoots using multiple poses. The final product can be printed as either 10×8 or 8×12 – landscape or portrait and/or presented to you complete on a CD or of course email you the link.

The Portrait photographers work with some of the top magazines in the world. Standards aren’t reduced because you have a budget, it just means less photos.

Rates vary accordingly so please contact us with your enquiries.

Photography FAQs

How far in advance do I need to book?

Of course the earlier, the better, to ensure your date is guaranteed. However, even if your event is the next day, please give us a call as we can cater for most events right up to the last moment!

How can I make sure I get the photographs that I want?
We are committed to respecting your event and the reasons behind it. We will have a chat before it begins to make sure that the photographs taken will reflect this.

How soon after the event do I get a copy of the photographs?
Once the event is over, it will take 2 days to process the photographs and get them looking amazing! Once done, a link will be created and sent by email for you to get them exclusively.

Are there any other ways to receive the photographs?
Absolutely! We can put them on a memory stick or disc if you like. We can also present them in an album or book if you wish. Of course, printed versions will take longer and will be at an additional cost. For wedding photoshoots we will also present you with a DVD slideshow set to music of your choice for a very small fee, this is a great way to look back on your special day!

Can I order individual prints?

Once you receive the images digitally, you are free to print as many as you like! We can provide a service for you and your guests to order prints at an extra cost if you wish.

How much control do I have over the use of the photographs?
Ultimately, we retain the copyright and on occasion use some of the images to promote ourselves and increase our portfolio. However, to make sure you are happy with what we pick, we give you two days to look through the images yourself before we use them. This gives you the opportunity to review them and let us know of any you want us to exclude.

Where are the studios?
Our studios are based in Chelmsford. Our Essex photographers use our main studios or can hire any studio in any location. But for location shoots in the area our Chelmsford photographers know some very interesting places. Our London photographers know the best places in London, so the sky’s the limit really.

How much does it cost?
Photoshoots start from £695 for weekday shoots and start from £995 for weekend shoots depending on the package you would need

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