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The Studio is a Platinum Digital Recording Studio with fully equipped kitchen and toilets. We work with Universal, Sony, the BBC and X factor. Whether you’re looking to record a major production with a full band, good quality demo, requiring a backing track, you’ll find everything in one place with ATMusic Studios. We work very closely with the record industry, and write and record for Acorn Music Publishing so are able to push recordings done here to the right people. We also record voice over for radio and TV ads.

The Studio is quadruple-glazed and set into the wall to help keep the sonic isolation within the two rooms. The walls are just over a foot thick and are made up of layered materials at different densities, this helps them to absorb a wider range of frequencies.

If you wish to eat at the recording studio we can arrange catering for a small fee. Just let us know if you have any special requirements, otherwise it is trusted you will bring your own catering.There is a chill out section where you can play on the play station or just kick back and watch SKY Television.

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Our Setup

  • Nuendo and Wavelab built on bespoke studio computers
  • 4 x Yamaha Monitors
  • 5 Computer screens
  • Beyer DT100’S & Sennheiser HD25’s Headphones
  • Bespoke Audio Computers
  • 64 Track Digital recording
  • Package Pricing
  • Pro Engineering
  • Pro Production
  • Studio Recording
  • Mastering
  • Bespoke recorded backing tracks
  • CD & DVD Copying
  • Waves Plugins & Powered plugins
  • Autotune
  • A range of Mics
  • A range of Guitars, and Basses
  • Keyboards, Pianos, Electric and Acoustic Drums / Percussio

PRE production

Pre-production is a very important aspect of a good recording project and if you’re prepared then the recording session will go swimmingly. You’ll be invited down to the studios for a free 1-hour consultation to discuss your requirements and listen to past recordings. It’s advised that you bring albums for reference mixes so that we can create as close to the sound that you favour as possible, otherwise you can leave it in our capable hands to create you a great sound.

Normally we would prefer you to come to a rehearsal session with us, at least 1 month prior to your booking so we can advise you on anything we could contribute to your tracks. We will record a live session with our mini portable studio set-up so we get to know your tracks before your recording session. It also gives us an idea of what sounds you prefer, and we will provide you with a copy so you can listen out for any changes (it’s always easier to be more critical on your own songs when you’re not actually playing at the same time). We then request a 2nd rehearsal session to make sure everything is ready for a productive recording session.

Solo acts who require production in the studio just need to show us their song and what they want the end product to sound like and we will run through some direction ideas for your input. Once we know what is needed we can get the musicians in or program it on the computer.

After the recording session and all mixes have been finished, we can arrange CD artwork, CD duplication, creative advice, a professional photo shoot, tour management, endorsement deals, consider signing you to our agency, and all music business advice. If you need any of these services please advise upon booking.

PRICING made easy

The studio is available 24 hours a day

  • Hourly Rate; Monday to Friday £35
  • Hourly Rate; Saturday/ Sunday £40
  • Day Rate; Monday to Friday £265 (8 hours)
  • Day Rate; Saturday/ Sunday £305 (8 hours)
  • Weekend Rate; £595 (16 hours)

For corporate rates and signed artist rates please email for project info.

Please read our terms & conditions for further details.

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creative Mastering

Professional mastering services

Take the sound of your song to the highest level with our Creative and professional mastering services. We deliver in Wav 44.1 kHz 16 bit and MP3 320kps

We have credits on major/indie label releases and have mixed and mastered hundreds of songs for independent artists.

We spend a good 3-4 hours per track and enhance the sound using EQ, Compression, Noise reduction, Limiting, Stereo shelfing, fade ins and fade outs and use reference tracks for particular sounds you are after.


Template Mastering:
£35 per hour or £50 per track if you're recording with us in our studios and can incorporate it into your recording booking as a package deal

Stem Mastering:
£50 per track (up to 7 stereo stems per track)

Extra Mixes (Vox enhancement/guitar tones louder etc./):
Add an extra £18

DJ Set Mastering:

backing tracks

We have all Backing Tracks for all singers, guitarists, drummers and bass players etc. You can purchase Backing Tracks from £1.99 per song. We no longer have a list of songs on this site because it was being updated every week so was always out-of-date.

If we don’t have it in our catalogue, we are pretty sure we can get it, so email over your song request and we’ll let you know what formats and versions we have of it. We can post a CD email an mp3 to you. We can also transpose songs for a small extra charge.

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Backing Tracks
Song Writing

song writing

We understand the key to writing a great song in many genres. The producers have had years of experience in all different genres, so if you’re looking for help with a song, or need a professional songwriter to write you a song, you’ll find it all with A.T. Music Group.

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