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Video production essex

Essex’s leading music Video Production Company.

If you’re about to leap into anything that involves music videos and production, don’t even put a toe in the water until you have spoken to us first.

We’re a full service production house that creates the kind of work the big record labels would proudly put their name to, but without all the excesses.

We take care of all stages of your production, from creative, filming and post production, through to media delivery and on-line advertising. Authentic storyboard, brilliant creative and adventurous film-making ensures your production has stand out visibility and powerful cut-through.

We’ve produced video campaigns for a very long time, and promote effective and engaging video communications.

So if you want to make an outstanding music video, a showreel corporate video that wows the troops, or an online video that really does get results… all without having to re mortgage your house – then contact us for a free consultation and talk about the innovative ways we can use video to enhance your band, get more gigs or to better engage your customers and employees.

Prices can range from £400 anywhere to £3,000 and above

Check out some of videos below

Here is a showreel from our video team of Free Running. Great watch

Or you Can record a lower budget video like this by Will

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