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Learn the drums

Being a drummer is probably one of the most important jobs in a band. Without the timing control and the control over dynamics there is no band, it is your job to pull it all together and have everyone play together in time. If you fall they all fall.

We teach on acoustic drum kits and have an array of different makes and models at the studios. We take you through the very basics to playing in a band and taking you through your grades.
We also encourage the students to all play together once a certain standard has been met. All students learn the same song then meet up for a jam to experience playing together and lets be honest, that's what you're doing it for anyway. We haven't met a bedroom drummer yet.

We also record our drummers when they get to the intermediate level. We teach you how to work in a studio environment and how tuning kits are so important. Then the training with the click track in the ear begins. It's not as bad as you think. We view it as a game to get it right more than a hindrance. Especially these days, loads of bands are using backing tracks live so other sounds come in and out during their show and only works if the drummer plays to a click so everything syncs up at the same time.

We teach many styles and think it's important that you are open to play as many styles as possible. It makes for better musicianship and gives you a new respect and understanding of other genres out there. Some of these are so tricky that understanding how to read drum music makes it have some sort of order.

So there it is - we cover it all. Basic techniques through to reading music and playing professionally. We teach beginners to advanced and refresher courses and our different tutors all bring different things to the lessons so why not mix it up a little and try a lesson with a different tutor now and then.

Our Drum teachers based in Chelmsford, Essex are all DBS checked.

Drum Exams are available through The Royal Academy of Music and Rock School Sponsored by “Evans” and “Sabian”.

Techniques covered

  • Kit set up
  • Different drumsticks
  • How to hold sticks correctly
  • Ghost notes
  • Accents
  • French, matched and traditional grip
  • Finger control and doubles
  • Paradiddles and other rudiments and their use
  • Drum terminology and theory
  • Muscle groups needed and posture
  • Improvisation
  • The right drum kit for you
  • Kit tuning
  • Various styles – Rock, Jazz and Latin, to Fusion and Metal
  • Triplets
  • Precision singles
  • Leading hand
  • Sticking rule
  • Hand to hand
  • Learning songs of your choice
  • Feeling the Groove
  • Heel-and-Toe method for better time control
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to build on a groove from a simple structure
  • Feathering the bass drum
  • Drum dynamics
  • Sight Reading
  • All limbs playing different patterns simultaneously
  • Double bass drum
  • Drum fills and their motions
  • A look into other drummers i.e. Dennis Chambers, John Bonham, Billy Ward, Charlie Watts etc
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