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A.T. Music Group - Helping you learn to sing one step at a time


It has been scientifically proven that singing reduces levels of anxiety and improves your mental and emotional health.

We specialise in vocal development. A lot of our work is with the record industry and TV shows such as The Voice and X Factor but this doesn't mean it's out of reach if you are not to that level. Infact we love working with students who haven't done much before. It's a great feeling watching you develop along the path that you are about to walk down.

But with soooo many vocal coaches out there now how do you know who to choose?
We are mainly recomended from the record labels and mgmt companies. If you are new to all this then try more than one voice coach. We're pretty confident you'll see why we are recognised by the industry.

Singing lessons isn't just about singing your favourite song, its also about vocal biology and development. The voice is a muscle after all and needs time to grow and strengthen. Much like the muscles you would build at the gym.

We also work with a lot of speech therapy. Singers / vocalists often lose their voices for one reason or the other and need balanced exercises to bring it back.

We put on a large music concert each year for all students to perform with a live band, and plenty of open mic nights around the country. This is a great project to set your sights on and use as a goal, as well as recording your songs in our studio and taking your grades.

So from singing techniques, breathing and strengthening, to maybe singing in our choirs and going all the way through to auditions and end up singing infront of Simon Cowell like our student James Graham once did, its all here for the taken.

Lets get started?

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Alex graduated from University with a First Class Degree with Honours in Musical Theatre and has been singing and performing non-stop since.

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What our pupils say

Katerine Bott, age 44 from Billericay

ATMusicGroup are brilliant. My daughter has had singing lessons with Katy and piano lessons with Marc and Dale. All the guys are really friendly and she loves having her lessons in the studios. My husband is in a band and they have recorded in the studio with Marc. Can't recommend them highly enough. Well done guys

Katerine Bott, age 44 from Billericay

Bruce Tann, age 52 from Chelmsford

Brilliant organisation run by Marc. Just about everything catered for in providing tuition, recording, videoing and opportunities to perform live plus much more. Keep up the good work

Bruce Tann, age 52 from Chelmsford

Victoria Herbert, age 39 from Wickford

Really helpful and understanding. Marc and Alex both lovely. I look forward to carrying on in the future

Victoria Herbert, age 39 from Wickford

Lindsey Goldsbrough, age 44 from Chelmsford

I came across Marc and AT quite a few years ago when I was looking into singing again in my mid 30s. Since then with Katy's excellent teaching, I've got Grade 8 vocal level, a much more confident performer with a much stronger voice and wider range than I ever thought I could have. My band have rehearsed at AT as well, they've rented us PA equipment for gigs sometimes at not much notice and we've opened the Rose and Crown Beer Festival featuring many AT acts and other local talent. My only wish is that AT were around when I was a lot younger so that I could have started a musical career then with all the development, tuition, production and everything you need in one place. They are absolutely brilliant for young artists to learn and be supported to go as far as anyone can go in music. It's 5 stars from me AT :)

Lindsey Goldsbrough, age 44 from Chelmsford

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are our lessons structured?

All lessons are planned after the first initial couple of lessons. Every student has a unique game plan and achievement schedule. Yes we have our own guidelines that we would like to see you achieve by a certain period, but it’s also about how much you put into it. At the end of every lesson all notes on what was done and what you need to practise is put onto our system and sent via email so you have a digital copy (and can’t lose paperwork). Then you can update it with what you have done so we can monitor your progress at home. Feels like Big Brother doesn’t it! It’s not quite that bad. You just get an opportunity to share with us what you found difficult or what felt easy when practising.

How long are the courses?

We have had students with us for up to 5 years and some that stay for just 1 year. You get out of it what you want. We can take you down all the avenues or you can simply just get to a level that you are happy with that is within your budget. Either way we almost put it in your hands. If you want to be the best you will continue with lessons and show us what you have been achieving, if you haven’t then perhaps this is not right vocation for you. The type of students we absolutely love taking on the books are the ones that have practised what we set them for home work but then who have done extra work by learning something from youtube for example. When they show us what they practiced and more, it just excites us to want to push you more and get to the fun stuff of what we love about the guitar.

What if i'm struggling with learning?

We work on getting a balanced process, where on the one hand you are getting a good progressive understanding for the instrument, fret board harmony etc., and how that applies to music and music theory, including (optional) theory grades. And on the other, a general understanding of musicality and performance. All this is done at your pace. If its slower than others it doesn't matter. As long as you understand in the long run.

We can help teach you through your favourite songs and breakdown the songs to show you what’s going on behind the structure. This is a great basis for helping you become creative in your own right and encourage you to compose your own material.
We of course have input on some of the songs we’d like you to look at because they have been carefully selected for tuition purposes.

Are your staff DBS checked?

All staff are DBS checked and we are proud to share with you that we have a 100% pass rate with all students taking grades. It honestly is all about the way you communicate and teach. We want our students to feel like they’re coming to see a friend and break down those barriers and feel relaxed.

Do I need singing experience to join the choir?

Most people don't have experience in choirs and some tell us they haven't sung since school. You don't need any singing experience at all. We will show you the ropes and how to sing as part of our choir.

We'll obviously show you how to warm up your voice, some basic breathing techniques, and vocal dynamics! You will never be asked to sing by yourself and there are no auditions. Just give it a try and let us teach you how to sing.

If you have sung before then we encourage you to speak up so we can give you some solos. However, this is completely voluntary. You don't need to read sheet music and we will give you the lyrics to each song or use our big screens to put lyrics up on.

How to Find A.T. Music Group?

The Studio is conveniently situated on the old A130 between Chelmsford & South Woodham Ferrers. The location is easy to get to from all directions, and has a bus stop right outside our main gates. We are 10 mins drive from the Chelmsford Train Station. We are also very close to the main A12 junction 17. The Sat Nav will take you close enough to our site but then on the approach just look for the “Rettendon Antiques” BILLBOARD sign, we are behind that sign through the main gates. The business complex is next door to a car cleaners and is smack bang in the middle of the two pubs at the bottom of the hill - The Rettendon Bell and Le Benaix - conveniently.

your booking enquiry For Singing Lessons

Beginner Lessons

learn more about our Beginner Lessons

Lesson prices

½ hour one-to-one £25
1 hour on-to-one £35
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

Starting from the beginning can be quite daunting. It really doesn't have to be. Remember you're not on stage yet, so let down your barriers and lets have some fun together.

We are not here to make you feel useless, we are here to make you feel confident about your voice.

In our singing lessons you will learn to gain confidence with your singing voice. If you are new to singing you will learn to pitch your voice accurately, harmonise and sing songs with freedom and confidence. With a little knowledge and understanding of how the voice works, you will quickly begin to see results.

Some of the things we cover in the first few lessons are:

  • Finding a voice
  • Basic breathing techniques
  • Basic warm ups
  • What songs suit your voice
  • Vocal posture
  • Vocal range.....and more

Once we have a better understanding of your voice then we can put a task sheet together for you. This is a great tool for us to achieve targets and start developing the muscles of your voice.

Intermediate lessons

learn more about our Intermediate lessons

Lesson prices

½ hour one-to-one £25
1 hour on-to-one £35
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

If you've had singing experiences already you can learn to enhance your sound and find your authentic voice.

It's true that some people are natural born singers and haven't had a lesson in their life. But it's also true that a lot of those singers hit a wall where they develop vocal problems, fatigue or range reduction.

We often record these lessons so you can hear where the problems are and is great for listening back and learning from. It's our USP. Then eventually when everyone's happy with how it sounds, we get you in the recording studio properly to teach you studio techniques and start compiling your portfolio.

Some of the things we cover at this level are:

  • Mind, Body & Soul. (over coming your negative state)
  • Chest, Head and Middle/Mixed voice
  • Reducing breath used on sound and solar plexus breathing
  • The anatomy of your sound & diaphragm tricks
  • How to relieve tension
  • Increasing your range
  • Pitch correction in the registers
  • Vocal care & biology
  • Harmonies
  • Support & anchoring
  • More warm ups and exercises
  • Dynamics
  • Diction.....and much more

So whatever your experiences of singing are and whatever the opinion of your voice is, you will very quickly be using your voice in exciting new ways.

Feel free to arrange a viewing and pop in for a coffee before booking up

Advanced lessons

learn more about our Advanced lessons

Lesson prices

½ hour one-to-one £25
1 hour on-to-one £35
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

Some singers are contractually oblidged to have lessons once per month, some singers want to study Jazz and Theory some want to train to be a tutor. This is where this option is great.

Over the years we have worked with many celebrity acts and many professional singers. Everyone needs structure and discipline with the voice and it's very easy to be complacent.

With advanced lessons we can take you through your theory grades enabling you to move on to higher vocal grades. Or if you've done up to grade 8 you might be interested in taking your teaching diploma and never know could one day end up working with us.
This is also a great course to study other avenues of singing like Jazz or Classical.

Whatever your interest in advance lessons you will be considered a semi pro / pro singer and would expect you to understand all the things covered from the intermediate lessons otherwise we may just need to come back a stage to help get you ready.

Some of the things we cover in advanced lessons:

  • Sight singing
  • modes and all scales
  • harmony and intervals
  • Riffs and runs
  • Improvisation
  • Vocal remedy and care
  • Solar plexus & breathing values
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Resonation chambers
  • Higher range building
  • Performance & Mic techniques
  • Speech therapy
  • Falsetto and its transition control
  • Studio recording techniques....and much much more
Refresher courses

learn more about our Refresher courses

Lesson prices

½ hour one-to-one £25
1 hour on-to-one £35
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

Muscle memory exists in all of us. We just need to re-strengthen the muscles again and get you back up and running

Do you want to get back into singing again? Well we have the perfect course for you!

Some students come to us who sung years ago but had to stop when they had a family, or work got in the way, or simply the case that they had now retired and want to get back into singing. We have a service here that can accommodate you.

Singing is much like riding a bike, you never forget, it’s in the back of your mind somewhere and we just need to pull it out and help you remember the stuff you perhaps thought you had forgotten.

Once we have focused on bringing you back up to speed you can get involved with all the tuition offered for advanced singers and can even help get you back into a band.

Give us a try and lets run some tests and see what you remember and where we need to pick up from.

Feel free to arrange a viewing before you book just to discuss things before your first lesson. Our door is always open.

Group lessons

learn more about our Group lessons

Lesson prices

2-3 people - ½ hour £35
2-3 people - 1 hour £45
4-6 people - ½ hour £45
4-6 people - 1 hour £55
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

We offer a discounted rate for group lessons so can help make it more affordable. Groups can consist of up to 6 people in one class.

Some people prefer to be in a group for lessons and that’s fine. It’s much easier for a parent to bring 3 children in for the 1 hour rather than 3 separate hours, plus that will cost a bomb. We offer a discounted rate for group lessons so can help make it more affordable.
 Groups can consist of up to 6 people in one class.

Ultimately there will come a day when one or more from the group speed ahead or to the contrary, not get it as quick as the others and for that matter they will need to separate away from the group and go into a one-to-one session to learn to that particular students pace.

Either way it works very well for large families or schools who want to use the time to fit more people in to a smaller time window.

Choirs groups

learn more about our Choirs groups

Lesson prices

1 hour weekly £10
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

A recent study found that group singing is responsible for lowering stress, anxiety, and increases endorphin levels. Group singing has also been found to build a sense of community.

You don't need any experience, you just turn up and find out whereabouts your voice will sit within the choir and have some fun.

We mainly run this choir alongside our charities and often to a lot of public free performances which is a great opportunity to be involved with.

You just put your name down and we will let you know what choir would best suit you. We try to make the age specific but sometimes we have cross overs.

So if you are interested in singing in a choir singing pop songs then give us a shout.

Theory lessons

learn more about our Theory lessons

Lesson prices

½ hour one-to-one £25
1 hour on-to-one £35
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

​Understanding theory is something that every musician should know in order to achieve the best out of your instrument.

It’s one thing knowing it and another thing putting it to practical use. This is where we come in!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced music theory student, we can help you learn or enhance your music theory skills. We can take you through your theory exams, get you reading music fluently and understanding the theory for GCSE, A-LEVELS, DEGREES, or even just for your own information

Kids lessons

learn more about our Kids lessons

Lesson prices

½ hour £25
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

We can work with children as young as 4. It's a great package to introduce your young one into singing.

We have lots of games incorporated into the lessons to keep their interests high and we’re not afraid of looking like silly billies if it keeps the interest of the kids up. We are not wearing clown costumes though haha.

The kids lessons start from simple nursery songs and musical songs and help us introduce them to singing and it's surroundings

We recommend half hour lessons for the children under 11 years old. It’s just easier to grab their attention and enthusiasm in a shorter period of time. An hour to a little one can seem like a life time.

Feel free to arrange a viewing and have a coffee with us so you are comfortable about the place your child is coming for lessons. We also encourage the parents to attend every lesson so they can help understand what we are doing and can help them practise when they are at home.

Student workshops

learn more about our Student workshops

Lesson prices

Taster workshop of all instruments. 2.5hrs £70
5 hours per day, per week for 4 weeks £400
Recording lesson session only and extra £5

A great package with classes usually running for 5 hours once a week. Then after learning what we teach them they will go off and prepare singing in a group to ultimately record in our studios and perform the songs at the end of the summer.

Usually held over the summer holidays, we take students in to prepare them for an end of summer show where they all get to perform with other musicians and show off what they’ve learnt all summer. You pay for the master class at the start of the holidays as a bulk package and we do the rest.

Its great fun for students that can already sing or those who want to have an introduction into a fast track way of learning the more about the voice. Its also a great way of trying another instrument besides your singing instrument. So, if you wanted to try the drums or the guitar we can introduce you into playing that for the summer workshop.

We also hold workshops for students who want to try a little bit of all the things we teach. You get half an hour on each instrument and the idea is at the end of the session, you know which instrument is for you. We call this a Taster Workshop.

The tuition is in groups and you can learn loads of great tips.


learn more about Alexandria

Alex graduated from University with a First Class Degree with Honours in Musical Theatre and has been singing and performing non-stop since,

Her career has had an underlying foundation, working with kids and teaching performance and music along the way, which has made her current and adaptable. She is a fun character and the students are drawn to her humour and her bubbly approach to teaching, keeping things enjoyable. After wanting a change from being on the road she decided to concentrate on vocals and development permanently and joined us in 2017.

Alex is also on our our intermediate piano tutors and also works helping the bands out in the rehearsal studios.

Musical Theatre, Pop, Country, Jazz & Blues, Classical,