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Our Goal

Our goal at ATMusic Group is to help achieve your very best performance during your session. Our friendly and experienced sound engineers will guide you through the process, allowing your creativity to shine through.

As the largest music complex in Essex, ATMusic Group offer two dedicated recording studios -

Studio 1 & 2 is our dedicated voice studio. Acoustically treated to capture every detail of your voice, from spoken word to opera. Studio 1&2 is ideal for voiceovers, podcasts and vocal performance.

Studio 8 & 9 features a large live room allowing groups, choirs and ensembles to perform and record together.

Are you looking to produce a film or video? We can help take your project from idea to finished product, whether providing filming services or a space for you to film.

Please use our booking form below to reserve your space (bookings require a 50% deposit). Not sure which session you require? Get in touch and we'll be pleased to help -

Band | Orchestra | Choir Recording

Capturing your best performance with the best possible sound - that is our goal at ATMusic Group. Whether you are a choir, orchestra, stage performance group or a rock’n’roll band, our friendly and experienced studio engineers will help you achieve the very best from yourself and your session.

With a spacious live room and state-of-the-art control room, we will take care of the complete recording process, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Bookings require a 50% deposit. Please get in touch to discuss larger projects.

Book Hourly Rate - £45

Book 8 Hours (Day) - £345

Book 16 Hours (Weekend) - £675

Voice Over | ADR | Podcast Voice Studio

Capturing the spoken word demands the very best acoustic environment. We are proud to offer our dedicated voice studio for your Voice Over needs, whether for an advert, audition, interview, showreel or audiobook.

We cater for film and TV works including Automated Dialog Replacement and other post-production requirements.

Do you need to improve the quality of your Podcasts? Our Dedicated Voice Studio can cater for up to five guests in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Book Hourly - £50

Book 8 Hours (Day) - £365

Book 40 Hours (Week) - £1785

Artist Development Bring Your Music To Life

Struggling to get your music out there?

Let ATMusic Group take your songs from ideas to high quality finished products.

We offer help in all aspects of music production, from composition and creating beats to instrumentation and orchestration.

Need more sounds? ATMusic Group supply musicians and vocalists to add that special touch to your recordings (additional charge for musicians)

Book Hourly - £45

Book 8 Hours (Day) - £345

Book 16 Hours (Weekend) - £675

Musician Video Demo

Do you need to demonstrate your talents to potential bands or shows?

Do you want to make tuition videos?

Do you want to put your favourite songs on YouTube and other video sites?

Our packages for Musicians include studio quality audio recording and a high class video, ready to upload to your favourite sites.

Book 1 Song - £70

Book 2 Songs - £125

Book 4 Songs £225

Artist with Backing Track

Need the perfect vocal take to complete your songs?

Bring your beats and our studio engineers will help you get the very best from your session.

At ATMusic Group we have experience of all genres.

Bookings require a 50% deposit. Please get in touch to discuss larger projects.

Book Hourly - £45

Book 8 Hours (Day) - £345

Book 16 Hours (Weekend) £675

Record your favourite songs

Ever wanted to sing your favourite songs in a professional recording studio?

Whether as a gift, a tribute or just for yourself, we will find the perfect backing track and guide you as you perform to your very best.

The completed songs are sent to your email account, or take away a CD if you prefer.

We offer gift vouchers, too!

Book 1 Song - £55

Book 2 Songs - £95

Book 4 Songs - £165

Mastering suite

Do I need to master my songs?

Mastering is the music industry’s quality control. Before release, recordings are carefully checked and enhanced to ensure they sound their very best.

The requirements for mastering to vinyl or CD are not the same as for release to YouTube, spotify and other online platforms.

Let ATMusic Group take care of the whole process.

Book 1 Song - £55

Book 2 Songs - £100

Book 4 Songs - £180

Book Album - £480

Recording | Photo | Film Studio Hire

Need space for your project to flourish?

Set in the heart of the tranquil Essex countryside, ATMusic Group offers two recording studios with 24hr access, free parking and free tea & coffee to keep your project flowing!

Studios are available from one hour to one month. Equipment hire is an additional 25% and includes microphones, amplifiers and a drum kit.

ATMusic Group also offer space for video production and photography. Filming is available at £50ph for filiming plus £25ph for editing.

Bookings require a 50% deposit.

Studio 1 & 2
(250 sqft)
Studio 8 & 9
(410 sqft)
Film Studio Photography Studio
Hourly Rate £18 £24 £25 £18
Day (8 Hours) £130 £175 £180 £135
Monthly Rental £1000 £1,250

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