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First off, your service is great. Reply to our phone messages is always prompt and email communication is excellent. A.T. Music although busy,
always finds time for me to come and listen to some music so I get a good choice. All of the acts have been very good in their own
individual way, professional, on time and prompt to clear up and leave. Some of the acts have had a better response than others, but I
consider this mainly down to our way of marketing this night. Now this is the second year, I hope to see a marked improvement in
covers attending these nights. All in all, we have been very happy with your service.

Sarah, Loch Fyne

I first found Marc and A.T. Music Group when I was still in school and it would be no overstatement to say it was a find that changed my life. I’ve watched as my voice and confidence have completely transformed leaving me as a highly accomplished vocalist and on-stage performer that I simply never dreamt I had the potential to become. A.T. Music Group was a good deal smaller when I came to it and it’s been a great experience to see them developing alongside me too. It’s gone from a man of exceptional talent and a platinum-quality recording studio to a fully fledged music agency with new employees, contacts and services. Marc himself is a unique man in the industry: he’s not only skilled at what he does and hugely open-minded musically, but also impossible not to get along with – he’s the sort of guy who knows how to make his students/customers feel completely at ease and despite his professionalism and hard work he maintains a reassuringly laid back approach. As well as studying under Marc for a number of years, I’ve also recorded a range of songs with him both as solo tracks and with bands and can vouch for the quality, value and atmosphere that he never fails to create – play your friends in the music world a copy of anything recorded at the A.T. Music studio and you’ll have them queueing up around the block for a chance to lay down recordings there! One vivid memory I have is of arriving at the studio to record a 4-track demo having developed a severe case of laryngitis – we all thought we were going to have to call the vocals off and miss a series of deadlines for the recordings but, with Marc’s guidance I managed to complete all 4-tracks and the recordings were good enough to cover a tour of the Netherlands that Easter! So, however corny you might find this bout of nostalgia, take my word for it and if you’re contemplating A.T. Music Group for music tuition, recordings, gig bookings or ANYTHING music-related, just get on and do it!

Nick Whitcroft

One of the things I enjoy the most about my lessons with A.T. Music Group is the relaxed atmosphere and freedom to express

yourself, whether it’s a friendly chat or experimenting with song-writing. My lessons have never felt like a burden, but rather something I look forward to every week. The annual student show is also great thing to work towards and a good source of motivation, which maybe other music academies lack.

As for the teacher (Marc), well I’m sure both of us can appreciate that in future, when asked, I can say I learnt from the best.

Dana Nunn

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