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James Graham

James Graham

Artist Journeys

James Graham first came to A.T Music Group when he was 14 years of age. His mum recognised that her son had a voice and wanted to see if we could help.Although following his Mums dreams of James pursuing his Opera voice, it wasn’t long until we sat down with James to find his more contemporary voice. James sung ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder to us and this amazing tone immersed. After spending months and months on technique, the power in which he learnt through opera helped him control his famous deep contempor...

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We pride ourselves on helping artists / students take the road to success be it signing a record deal or enjoying gigging and performing as a function band.

It doesn’t just have to be a dream and something that you only do in your bedroom, if you’re good enough then it can be a reality.

We believe that with the opportunities that we can offer our clients, that everyone has the possibility to go to the highest heights. From learning in our air conditioned studios, recording in our studios, rehearsing in our rehearsal rooms, recording a video, performing at our music nights at many of our clubs, auditioning for the record industry and taking your music to the right people, we can take you all the way.

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Recording Studio

Recording Studio

We pride ourselves on being the cheapest in the area without compromising our standards. If you find anywhere of the same standard cheaper, then we will price match it!

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Rehearsal Rooms

Rehearsal Rooms

All our rooms have been acoustically treated to provide the right sound for everyone. Whether you’re after a tight dead sound or a loud bright sound, we have it covered.

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Equipment hire

Equipment hire

Let our team of professionals undertake the design, supply and realisation of your project be it PA hire, lighting hire or other requirements.

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James Graham
James Graham...

James Graham first came to A.T Music Group when he was 14 years of age...

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